Learn English in Hamburg - We provide on-site English lessons


The employees have busy schedules? A project requires special expertise and therefore it is necessary to learn English? As an entrepreneur, you have to determine that it is not only one employee that lack English language skills, and are you looking for a cost effective way to remedy this? Something like this could be the situation in which in-house English training makes sense.

Is an in-house English training useful for me?

This question can be answered very easily. Learning English in-house makes sense when there is a special occasion in the company. For example, the goal may not only be that an employee needs to refresh their language skills, or a new project has special requirements for the English language. Even with an expansion that requires learning English for the first time, in-house training can make sense.

If you only have a small budget for travel expenses or further education measures, in-house training can make sense for cost reasons.

Why Learn English On-Site?

To make English learning a success for all employees, we advise and plan the training according to your specific requirements and goals. Together, with you, we determine the date and duration of the in-house training. So the training fits into the company calendar. You will get to know the trainer in advance and will be able to discuss the desired content of the training exactly with them. As employees can work until the training begins, you not only save costs, but urgent appointment matters can be handled despite the training. We can look at the available rooms in advance and set up accordingly. We also learn what level of knowledge the employees have before the training and can prepare. Since we have already got to know the company in advance, we can better respond to the company-specific circumstances and include special learning content in the course. Group training is always less expensive than training for a single employee. Specific training content provides a high level of training for your company's employees. From the beginning you have a clear picture of the learning content and the trainer. The team has a standard knowledge after learning English. The individual team members can support each other during the training. This promotes team spirit and motivation. After the training, the employees can test the newly acquired knowledge directly in practice.

Learning English On-Site is Very Efficient.

Not only speaking English spontaneously, but special idioms for the professional practice. They not only refresh existing vocabulary and grammar knowledge. The existing language skills will be expanded and supplemented. In-house training takes place in small groups. So it is possible that everyone can learn to speak English. The learning content is adapted to the tasks of the employees, so the language training is effective from the beginning. Training is not just about reading, listening, writing and understanding. The trainees are specifically trained for professional practice. They learn to make telephone calls in English, to participate in video conferences and meetings, or to place orders in English. Employees become more experienced in using the English language and can focus on their job rather relaxed, instead of searching for vocabulary. Let our competence convince you!

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