Learn English in Hamburg - learn with customized English lessons


Individual English according to Your Needs

BCH English adapts the lessons to the needs of customers and students. Our experienced teachers follow a structured and systematic teaching method, which at the same time allows a lot of flexibility and creativity in the course. We deal constructively with the ideas of your company and the personal learning goals of your employees. Specific specialist vocabulary, special language skills and industry-specific topics can be intelligently integrated into the classroom. We combine learning English with professional practice. This combination increases the fun of teaching and makes what you learn quickly applicable in everyday life.

Customized English for an Internationally Skilled Appearance

The demands in business life are varied and high. When learning English, you can specifically train competencies that are in demand in everyday professional life. For professional presentation, our experienced trainers provide the right vocabulary. They give tips for a personal appearance in English. We show you how to organize and lead a meeting. Your employees learn important vocabulary and phrases to negotiate contracts or prices in English. We convey self-confidence for the business call in English. Impress your business partners with a confident and linguistically skilled appearance. Even small talk is an art that wants to be learned. With the success of speaking in everyday life, the joy of learning English increases. Upon request, BCH English's offer for customized English will focus on written business correspondence. We discuss the formal differences between the German and Anglo-Saxon language areas. Students will learn the correct vocabulary and common phrases to make business letters and offers stylish and well-formed. Get a head start in the international arena through qualified employees with impressively authentic English skills.

Customized English with the Specialized Vocabulary for your Industry

Every industry and every department has its own technical terms. The experienced language teachers, at BCH English, help you to get to know the right expressions, vocabulary and phrases for your area of expertise. We handle competent and practical topics in the fields of technology, medicine and law. Please contact us for further technical terminology. Your employees bring with them the technical, medical or legal background. We develop subject-specific topics in English and communicate common terminology. In order to avoid misunderstandings with far-reaching consequences, high demands are placed on communication in the professional field. Our trainers have access to modern and innovative learning materials that you can use for free. As native speakers, they explain all subtleties and differences of the respective professional vocabulary. They recognize and warn against "false friends". False friends are words that mislead you because of their similarity in German and English, but have different meanings. They quickly lead to mistakes in business life and in contracts.

Individual English for You and Your Staff

At BCH English, we devote ourselves to a wide range of subjects at the request of our corporate clients and course participants. If your employees feel insecure in certain areas of grammar, we'll continue to develop it. If, for operational reasons, employees want to quickly reach a certain language level, we find ways to increase the pace of learning without sacrificing quality. You specify your company-specific priorities, industry-specific topics and required learning speed. Together we work out an effective and harmonious learning concept.

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