Learn English in Hamburg - Learn and use Business English


Increasingly, excellent spoken and written English skills are the springboard for the intended career. This not only applies to jobs abroad, but also inland, English is expected more and more often. Be it because English is the corporate language or the company operates worldwide. English is a must. At school, this language is often not given the necessary attention. So it happens that, after graduation, you are barely able to complete a whole sentence. Even though it is easier to learn a language as a child, do not allow yourself to be influenced by that as an adult. You can learn English and we will help you.

How necessary is the learning of the English language?

It is true that in the past translators or interpreters have taken on tasks that were in a linguistic context. However, in times of globalization and global networking, the linguistic competence of individuals has become enormously important. That's why many international employers require at least English as a foreign language. It does not matter in which industry you work. For the employee at the airport, mastering English is just as important as for the barman in a hotel.

Why Business English is needed?

Suppose you want to work in a corporation that operates internationally and whose official company language is English. You will not understand your colleagues, even though you speak with Germans. Work tasks and customer discussions remain a closed book. You were so looking forward to this job.

If you have a business meeting with, for example, a client from the English-speaking world, you can break the ice by simply welcoming him in English. Your customer will be delighted. A good basis for negotiations and constructive discussions. Don't you think?

 Build Competence by Learning English

You work in a company with an international focus and receive a customer request, which is written in English. You will not understand them without English skills and will need to use a translation program or ask a colleague. Valuable time passes. The customer waits and waits for your answer. Finally, he turns to another company because you needed too much time for this request. It is also possible that you work in an international project team. But you do not understand what the other team members are discussing or arranging. Collaboration is hardly possible. As an accountant, you receive a bill that was drafted in English. You can neither understand the content nor check the bill as would actually be your job.

You Want to Work Abroad

It does not matter if you want to move within a company or work abroad. Learning business English starts the preparation for this challenge. Before the journey lies the language. The doors will open when you speak the language.

You see, there are some good reasons that make it necessary to learn business English. It does not matter whether you want to make a career or business, without English you will not succeed. We help you and support you individually.

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