Learn English in Hamburg - first steps for English beginners



Learn more about our offer for learning English for Beginners and Advanced Learners

Our institute offers individual English courses for beginners and advanced learners as well as professional lessons in business English in the Hamburg area. Our experienced and competent trainers teach at all language levels. We welcome beginners and advanced. We help all who speak almost fluently to perfect their communication skills and give the finishing touches. As native speakers, our trainers provide the learners with the ideal prerequisites for finding the perfect entry into the foreign language or effectively expanding their existing knowledge. Our teachers teach beginners well-founded fundamentals and advanced students the subtleties of the English language. Learning English with a professional is a lot of fun. Exciting discussions and independent speaking in the group ensure a quick learning effect and fun in the classroom. Immerse yourself in the English language with us.

English for Beginners

Beginners benefit in a special way from teaching by native-speaking trainers. You hear the correct pronunciation right from the start and internalize useful phrases. In this way, a fine feeling for the language develops, which has a lasting positive influence on the further learning process. Modern teaching focuses on speaking and independent expression in the new language. At the same time, it intensively teaches the grammatical foundations and important vocabulary. We love to get beginners interested in the English language. We are looking forward to your first learning results. Our instruction in English for beginners ensures a fast learning progress. After a short while you will be able to have a simple conversation or write short emails. Our dedicated trainers, modern materials and innovative media are guaranteed to not let boredom arise.

English for Advanced Learners

For language enthusiasts who already have previous knowledge, we tailor the lessons perfectly to the individual level. You are slightly advanced or already on a higher level of competence? Are you learning continuously or wanting to brush up on rusty knowledge? Our qualified teachers will pick you up where you left off and develop your skills. English for advanced learners not only opens up new, important areas of grammar, they also receive a feeling for linguistic nuances. The deeper your knowledge, the easier it will be for you to read between the lines. Cultural topics and questions from the current world events provide the perfect setting to dive deeper into the language. We are happy to consider your individual requirements and set the focal points in the course according to your wishes. There are a variety of topics from culture and travel, engineering and technology as well as business and politics in English to discover. The stimulating conversation in the classroom and the use of contemporary media sharpen your listening comprehension. Learn to speak fluently with us and to communicate at a high level in speaking and writing. We would like to share our enthusiasm for the English language with you. Benefit from our qualified instruction provided by experienced native-speaker trainers. We teach advanced and all who want to get there.

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