Learning English is fun with the right concept. Our native-speaking trainers adapt specifically to their students and rapidly achieve learning success. Whether beginner or advanced, BCH English supports all language levels. Learn Business English with us or use our offer for an English lesson tailored to your needs and topics. We teach you on-site.

Courses for Beginner and Advanced Learners

Get in the English language and benefit from our lessons with native speakers. Our qualified trainers will give you the ideal start and ensure that you learn English successfully from the start. You will develop an enthusiasm for the new language that will never leave you with your first English lesson. Learn from our experts who will not only teach you grammar and vocabulary. As a native speaker, they will teach you the right pronunciation and many linguistic and cultural details.

For advanced learners, BCH English offers courses at a variety of levels. Our placement tests determine your knowledge and potential. Our language professionals take into account the individual requirements of the course participants and further develop language skills. Modern learning material and current topics provide an exciting lesson related to world events and your professional environment. Improve your English continuously at every level with our professional learning concepts.

Business English

Good English skills are indispensable in almost any business environment. We help you to master the daily communication with customers, suppliers and colleagues in the workplace with pleasure. Or you can tell us your specific, professional requirements. We put together the appropriate lessons for negotiation English, phone calls or presentations in an international environment. You will improve your English proficiency in the profession according to your needs or the needs of your company.

English Learning On-Site

For a particularly efficient learning environment our trainers come to you in the company. The course participants have short trips and do not lose any time working on the journey. As a company, you reduce the costs of further education through in-house training. Dates and course duration can be optimally determined according to the work flow in your company. This allows English lessons in companies where it seemed previously unrealizable. Make an appointment at any time for your in-house course. On-site teaching stands for a close link between learning English and profession. Practical questions from the everyday work of your employees can be fully integrated into the course. This strong integration ensures an intensive learning effect. We specifically tune topics and vocabulary to your branch and work areas.

Individual and Successful Learning English

BCH English allows you to customize your language lessons completely according to your wishes. Our learning concepts allow the flexible adaptation of the learning content. We provide industry-specific vocabulary and work with you on specific professional topics. Train skills such as presentations and negotiations with our professional trainers. We implement your wishes from the common usage or Business English individually. Lessons adapted to your needs allow you to practice what you have learned in your private or professional life. This ensures fast learning success. Talk to us, we will develop a unique learning concept for you and your employees.


BCH English offers translations and other related services, such as proofreading, to fully support your company’s needs.

Freelance Trainers

We are always looking to expand our network of experienced native English trainers. If you are interested please contact us at info@bchenglish.com

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